The Winter Blues
We just passed a major holiday. No. Not Hanukkah. No, Kwanza is after Christmas. Look, I’ll save you some time,[...]
Cry Havoc!
There are three nights a month where my normal difficulty sleeping is replaced by insomnia of the highest order. You[...]
Monday: The New Friday
(Not really, but I like that title) You might be wondering where last Friday’s post went. Of course, you might[...]
The Sasquatch
Have you ever filled a Tupperware container too full, but tried to put the lid on it anyways? The food[...]
Vigilante Justice
Vigilante Justice Vigilante mobs are running wild in Malawi. Now why would there be a vigilante mob in a tiny[...]
The Flat Earth
It’s Friday! You know what that means? New Blog! What do you mean “that’s not what it means?” Have I[...]
Carve the Mark
Can we talk about Carve the Mark? Yes, I have reviewed this book (LINK). But there was something I wanted[...]
2016: A New Year
Okay, so it's soon to be 2016 and what does that mean? That most of us will spend the next[...]
Goodbye Sir Terry Pratchett
Great A'Tuin swims through space. On his back perch the four elephants that hold up Discworld. Octarine light shines across[...]
Watch your BLEEP-ing mouth
So, one of the things that I hadn’t quite realized before I had kids was that I needed to watch[...]
2015: The Year Without Flying Cars
And Why We’ll Never Get Them Sure, according to Back to the Future 2, we should have hoverboards, weather forecasts[...]
The Next Olympic Sport?
Pole Dancing, the Next Olympic Sport It’s weird, in my lifetime, I have watched (sometimes literally) as pole dancing moved[...]
The Dream
The Dream was odd, and when I woke up, it stuck with me longer than most dreams. I puzzled over[...]
My 2014 Author Introspection + Updates!
When I realized I wanted to be an author, it came to be as readily as becoming a jet pilot[...]
From the Author's Desk: An Update
What's going on? Yes, I heard your question. (Strange enough, you can send voice through these magic boxes just by[...]
Anti Social Media
The Problem With Social Media Last year, I burned out on social media. It wasn't until sometime in January that[...]
Open Sesame!
Like something out of Scheherazade, the phrase Open Sesame! has brought various denizens of another world charging into my life...[...]
My Daughter, the Delinquent
You would think that at three months old, my daughter would still be full of hope and promise. But sadly,[...]
Dad At-Home
You may have noticed that I haven't been adding blogs like I used to. If you're one of those six[...]