The Gothic Princess

High up in the towers of the Kingdom of Glass and Steel, lives a princess of untold beauty. Cursed to live forever, she resides, not in some far off land of make-believe, but instead in the modern city of Chicago…

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Stranger Journey

The world you know is merely one side of the coin. Everything else is The Flip.

Doran Hickey is having a bad day. As if the normal nine to five grind wasn't bad enough, now he's been thrown into a world he's only read about in fairy tales. He's been beaten up, blown up, and the entire world seems to be crashing down around him. Oh, and something is trying to kill him. If that wasn't enough for Doran to worry about, he's also been drafted into W.I.S.E., the agency in charge of dealing with the things that go bump in the night...

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Terminal Destination

"but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

You'd think dying would be the worst things could get. You'd be wrong. At the end of that long tunnel with the bright light is... Chicago O'Hare?! With all the religions out there, it used to be quite hard ferrying people to their last rewards. But thanks to the Wright Brothers, now, your worst travel experience in life is just preparation for being dead. Please keep your boarding passes on you as you struggle to reach your Terminal Destination.

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The Witch Hammer

College can be a weird and wonderful time of self-discovery. Unless you discover that your family literally wrote the book on witch hunting. Jacob Sprenger has found his family's legacy, or rather his family's legacy has found him. Now he's thrust into the middle of a centuries long war between the Church and Witches and now there's Hell to pay.

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Much Ado About Pirates

​​​A mysterious castaway…
A deluge of strange sorcery… 
A warped love triangle… 
Captains Hook and Callaghan like you’ve never seen either of them before… 
Welcome to Much Ado about Pirates!

When a beautiful castaway called Belle falls from the sky and transforms the decks of the Malendroke into a mystical forest, Quinn and her crew know they are in for a whole new world of trouble. But it is first mate James who proves most at risk, quickly falling head-over-heels under their new passenger’s spell.

Soon the merry crew of the Malendroke find themselves caught in the middle of a feud between warring faerie courts, and James finds himself at odds with a tribe of savage youth who have taken to the forest to escape the persecution of the church. The tribe’s leader—neither male nor female, known only as Pan—is the most savage of all the warring parties and absolutely hell-bent on keeping Belle confined to the forest for eternity.

With fairies, magic, pirates, and more, this new chapter of the Plundered Chronicles shows Quinn and her crew like you’ve never, never seen them before.

A Midsummer Night's War

Endless night has blanketed the island and the faeries courts are at war over the stolen sun. The shadowy leader of the pùca has kidnapped the faerie princess, Belle.

James is far from home in a strange land. As captain of the formerly derelict Wasp, he and his crew are on a rescue mission, but before they can confront the pùca, they must navigate a war zone.

If fighting off harpies and hellhounds wasn't hard enough, James has attracted a dark admirer he can’t refuse. He's never been this close to Death before.