The Flat Earth

By Falcon | Random Falcon

Nov 03

It’s Friday! You know what that means? New Blog!

What do you mean “that’s not what it means?” Have I been slacking on my blogging responsibilities? Well, damn.

That changes today. I’m going to start talking about the world of The Flip and the various odd goings-on that bleed out into the regular world. That means conspiracies, monsters, mutants, and magic. Sorry, the alliteration is a tough habit to break from the days of doing kids books.

What conspiracies do you want me to cover? Have you heard an odd one? Has something in your daily life just skewed towards the incredibly unbelievable? Tell me about it in the comments! I want to know.

So, what should I talk about this week? Let’s start with one conspiracy that’s gained a lot of attention lately, The Flat Earth Theory.

You may think that I’m about to talk about the proof or evidence or scientific findings, but you’d be wrong.

The Flat Earth conspiracy is actually a sinister plot designed to cull a specific selection of the population. The Flat Earthers are being studied. Why? Because despite ample evidence and proof, they believe that the earth is flat. That type of willful denial of facts is so massive that a shadowy organization is using these test subjects to see how they can influence the rest of the world.

It’s not a form of mind control per say, but it is an attempt to attack facts in order to seize power. After all, if you can convince people that the earth is flat, you can probably convince them of just about anything else.

Who is this shadowy organization? Why do they want to control? We’re going to find out. And by we, I mean my interns. I’m sending interns to track this down. Why interns? They’re desperate, loyal and best of all free. So stay tuned for the answer to all your questions on the organization behind “The Flat Earth Theory.”


Signing off,

Falcon Storm


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