Vigilante Justice

By Falcon | Random Falcon

Nov 10

Vigilante Justice

Vigilante mobs are running wild in Malawi. Now why would there be a vigilante mob in a tiny African country and why am I talking about this?

One Word.


200 plus people have been arrested as the mob has gathered to root out and destroy vampires in the small nation. Five are dead as a result of this vigilante justice. Doctors. Killed for carrying stethoscopes that the people believe are being used to steal blood from them.

So what’s going on? Is this culture that’s been around since before the tenth century just technologically backward? Do they still practice old and outdated rituals that tell them what to do? Are these people crazy for assuming vampires are real and out there taking blood from them?

Well, let me ask you a question. Why does every culture have their own vampire myth? Vampires are not a new trend or even a resurgence of an old trend, they are a creature rooted in every mythology across the world. Even cultures that were isolated from others developed a vampire myth.

What does this mean? Either that fearing vampirism is an innate human condition, or… vampires have existed in this world. Whether or not they still exist, I’ll leave that for you to decide, but at some point, they did.

Think about it. Why are so many people afraid of the dark? Because deep down in the very core of our genes, we still know that we are prey. We’re taught that we’re the top of the food chain, that we are the pinnacle, apex predator. So why are we still acting like prey? Is something out there still hunting us, still stalking the darkness waiting for us to slip up? Maybe not. But I’d still recommend caution.

Cities are constantly illuminated now, they stand as beacons in the darkness. Something that screams safety to the normal human. It’s been that way since the days of old when we would build big fires to scare away predators. So huddle up in your lit houses and cities, dear human, because something is lurking out there in the shadows.


In order to ferret out the fact from the fiction in this story from Malawi, we’re sending out our intern to accompany a vampire hunter in their rounds. Expect to hear more about this story in the coming months.

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Falcon Storm was born in the frozen wastelands of Alaska. All that time spent in the dank, dark cold was quite enough, so he moved far, far away to the slightly-less-cold state of Michigan and now continues to seek out warmth by making others laugh. From role-playing games to spinning tall tales, he’s always been a storyteller. These days he writes about funny and fantastical worlds set just beneath the surface of our own and works from home assisting in the day-to-day operations of Novel Publicity and raising his and Emlyn’s sassafras daughter, Phoenix.