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The New Year

Ah, the New Year. The wonderful time of year when we get to hear “I haven’t ________ all year” and thousands of “New Year, New Me” crap posts. I didn’t send you a newsletter on Friday because,

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The Faerie Courts

We just passed a major holiday. No. Not Hanukkah. No, Kwanza is after Christmas. Look, I’ll save you some time, I’m talking about the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, the official start

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Updates 12/15

You may be wondering why there wasn't a blog last week. Or you may be wondering what squirrels are doing when you’re not watching. (I’m fairly certain they are up to no good.) But enough wondering!

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There are three nights a month where my normal difficulty sleeping is replaced by insomnia of the highest order. You see, dear reader, I am a lunatic. No, not in its more common parlance, but rather it’s

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