Who is Falcon Storm?

Long ago, I wandered into a world hidden beneath the surface of our regular world. And because of that, my life has been inexorably changed into a wonderfully weird world of waking wackiness (and alliteration). So now, in my days of straddling the line between this world and the world of The Flip, I write down the strange, sarcastic, silly, somber and scintillating stories I stumble across.

Who is F.M. Storm?

Well, it’s more accurate if I were to refer to it as "Alcon Storm," because this is like my Falcon Storm work, I just got the F out of it. It’s the cozy side of the urban and paranormal world of The Flip that I created as Falcon Storm. There’s still magic and mystery, but probably a lot less violence and darkness. And a lot more cats.

Who is Lee Ryder?

Lee Ryder is a gamer, a beast tamer, and a message board flamer. All those things you remember and love about the early days of the gamer community. Lee Ryder books are a combination of a wacky D&D adventure, caffeine fueled death matches online, and the absurdity of the many lives of gamers all rolled into a lava-hot pizza roll of DOOM! That’s right, DOOM! (all-caps). Enjoy.

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