Into the Multiverse
Into the​ MultiverseI’m going to let you in on a little secret today. I died almost 20 years ago. No,[...]
The Many Worlds of Weirdness
I’m going to let you in on a little secret today. I died almost 20 years ago. No, this isn’t[...]
The Risen
Now, you might be wondering where I’ve been for the past two weeks. Or you might be wondering what type[...]
Into the Mind of Madness
Ahh March, the month of madness. And Ides. But not snakes apparently. And every year, they trot out the same[...]
When Gods Walk Amongst Us
When I was much younger, I went by another name. I lived a different life. I was ignorant of the[...]
The Man in the Mountain
Winter in Alaska is a dangerous time. Okay, that’s a gross understatement, and if I were to detail out the[...]
Dangerous Dragons
I asked in the Storm Cellar Dweller group on Facebook (if you aren’t there, why not?) and the responses for what I should[...]
Valentine's VD
There are few things in this world more inexplicable than love. It’s why there is a thriving romance novel industry[...]
Viaads & Ædifyads
It is the nature of all things that all things change. The same is true in The Flip. It’s one[...]
Wombats & Wallabies
What’s this? ANOTHER LATE BLOG?! Nope. I changed the days I post them. Now instead of finishing the week with[...]
Bomb Cyclone
You know, I said I wasn’t going to make a habit of sending these blogs late. And I’m not. Really.[...]
In the Beginning
Yes, this blog is late. No, I’m not making a habit of this. As I was busy writing an in-depth[...]
The New Year
Ah, the New Year. The wonderful time of year when we get to hear “I haven’t ________ all year” and[...]
The Faerie Courts
We just passed a major holiday. No. Not Hanukkah. No, Kwanza is after Christmas. Look, I’ll save you some time,[...]
Updates 12/15
You may be wondering why there wasn't a blog last week. Or you may be wondering what squirrels are doing[...]
There are three nights a month where my normal difficulty sleeping is replaced by insomnia of the highest order. You[...]
The Trouble with Trolls
You might be wondering where last Friday’s post went. Of course, you might also be wondering if the red stripe[...]
The Sasquatch
Have you ever filled a Tupperware container too full, but tried to put the lid on it anyways? The food[...]
Notice of Intent to Terminate Employment
(Today I had to submit my notice since I will be leaving my job of 8.5 years to pursue my[...]