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The Many Worlds of Weirdness

I’m going to let you in on a little secret today. I died almost 20 years ago. No, this isn’t one of those dead for three minutes and revived type stories. You see I had been sick for some time. Not

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The Risen

Now, you might be wondering where I’ve been for the past two weeks. Or you might be wondering what type of drugs are in the filling of Cadbury Crème Eggs that make them both disgusting AND addictive. Now

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Into the Mind of Madness

Ahh March, the month of madness. And Ides. But not snakes apparently. And every year, they trot out the same wee little ginger elf known as the leprechaun. I could go on and on about the issues with the

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When Gods Walk Amongst Us

When I was much younger, I went by another name. I lived a different life. I was ignorant of the world and who I really was. Ignorance—as they say—is bliss. Around the age of fourteen, I stumbled across

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The Man in the Mountain

Winter in Alaska is a dangerous time. Okay, that’s a gross understatement, and if I were to detail out the various ways that winter in Alaska is dangerous I’d end up with a book instead of a newsletter.

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Dangerous Dragons

I asked in the Storm Cellar Dweller group on Facebook (if you aren’t there, why not?) and the responses for what I should cover this week was pretty one-sided. So with that in mind, I’d like to

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Valentine’s VD

There are few things in this world more inexplicable than love. It’s why there is a thriving romance novel industry out there. But what is slightly more… erm, plicable is cupid. Cupid’s depiction

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Viaads & Ædifyads

It is the nature of all things that all things change. The same is true in The Flip. It’s one of those immutable laws or something. So, while there were naiads and dryads (Still are.) there exist a set

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Wombats & Wallabies

What’s this? ANOTHER LATE BLOG?! Nope. I changed the days I post them. Now instead of finishing the week with some crazy, we’re starting with it! You know, the fact that I come from Alaska, people

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Bomb Cyclone

You know, I said I wasn’t going to make a habit of sending these blogs late. And I’m not. Really. So why is this one late? Yetis. What?! Yes, Yetis. Abominable Snowm–Persons. Now you may have

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