In the Beginning

Yes, this blog is late. No, I’m not making a habit of this. As I was busy writing an in-depth look at the sentient origin races, I discovered that I had gone on at length a bit more than I should have.

So, let me attempt to give you the cliff notes of the origins of the world.

In the beginning, there were three sentient races. One made of light, one made of fire and one made of earth. Then things got complicated.

The Angels, made of light, were given magic and sentience, but not free will, they were designated as the protectors of the world. They became the keepers of order.

The Djinn, made of fire, were given magic and free will and were imbued with the passion of the world. They were the ones meant to defend against the apathy and entropy of the world, the tendency of all things to break down.

The Humans were given no magic and no purpose. The why of this is unknown and hotly debated in the various magical institutions.

Where did everything else come from? Are other mythological creatures non-sentient? Well, the answer is simply this… SEX. Yes, the great motivation for most endeavors, caused a rather diverse set of creatures to spawn from the Original Three.

Angels and Djinn begat the “Olympian Gods,” which thankfully chronicled their various tawdry affairs, giving us the basic blueprints for understanding how things ended up where they are. For example, we know that Zeus was born or an Angel/Djinn pairing and that he exhibited more Djinn traits than Angel. From there, he created… well, a lot of chaos with couplings with humans, djinn offspring (resulting in the Muses), and even angelic offspring (one of which spawned the Fates).

Well, from this base, we are able to extrapolate backward and forwards in time to determine the origin of the others, commonly referred to as “hybrids” or pejoratively as “throwbacks.” For example, we can deduce through the years that leprechauns are descended through the djinn line due to their chaotic nature and affinity for magic. Whereas we can observe the Samurai as being a human line dominated by angelic blood due to their intense devotion to duty and honor.

The comingling of the various species has been so intense throughout the years that so-called pureblooded beings are considered to be a truly mythical creature. Yes, that even means humans.

Ask yourself, are you hot-headed or cool and rational? Have you seen things that others haven’t? Or have you felt ill-at-ease around certain people? These might all be clues as to your genetic lineage and which mixture of the Three flows through your veins.

I am currently working with a few magus and professors of the arcane to see if we can devise a test to determine a person’s bloodline. Fingers crossed that we don’t blow something up.