Into the Mind of Madness

Ahh March, the month of madness. And Ides. But not snakes apparently. And every year, they trot out the same wee little ginger elf known as the leprechaun. I could go on and on about the issues with the crazed marshmallow cereal hucksters, but that’s honestly part of the plan.

You see, we didn’t create the image of the modern leprechaun. Leprechauns did. You see, back in the old days (so long ago, I need to say Olde days), people knew about leprechauns and their supposed wealth. They knew that by catching a leprechaun, they could take his treasure or get three wishes, or skittles or something. (Yes, Skittles were also created by leprechauns, but more on that later.)

These tales were all fine and dandy back when you could walk for three hours and not see another person. As the world got smaller, leprechauns got more and more harassed. So, they did what their Djinn ancestors had done for years. They began to twist wishes. Now, instead of handing over treasure, they’d simply tell their captor that it was “at the end of the rainbow.”

Now, you can’t go around twisting wishes while everyone knows what you look like. (Ever wonder why ‘genies’ look like they do in pop culture?) So, the Council of Leprechauns got together and hatched a marketing plan. They couldn’t undo the wishes that had placed the treasure at the end of the rainbows, but they could change the way everyone saw leprechauns. Soon, the modern image of a leprechaun became a twisted parody of the Irish and they began to try to associate other things with rainbows. (Wizard of Oz, LGBT, Skittles, all part of the movement to obscure the rainbow)

The funny thing is, leprechauns are actually what they refer to as “Black Irish.” And while most stereotypes are dead wrong about them, hybrids have a tendency of drinking heavily. It’s a way of coping with a world that thinks you don’t exist. So occasionally, you can find a leprechaun, absolutely banjo’d, and easy to catch. I wouldn’t recommend trying to get wishes out of them in this state, you’re liable to get the raw end of that deal. But you can get him to talk. And it’s quite amazing the things leprechauns know. 😉

 And the accent while sloshed is… difficult to decipher.