Into the​ Multiverse

I’m going to let you in on a little secret today. I died almost 20 years ago. No, this isn’t one of those dead for three minutes and revived type stories.

You see I had been sick for some time. Not like long-suffering cancer type sickness, just a really bad flu/cold/what-have-you. My temperature was spiking and suddenly… Well, suddenly, I could see every fiber of the Berber carpet by my toes. I was so close to the ground, but also thousands of miles above myself. I flew through space and saw the universe open up to me. An eternity passed in an instant and suddenly… I awoke, my head rhythmically banging against the floor.

That probably doesn’t sound like I died. But rather I think that in that instant, the multiverse pushed me slightly and I fell through the cracks in reality. In my universe, my father arrived home to find me dead on the floor, three days later. But in this new world, I was alive. And while almost everything was the same, there were a few differences. One of my favorite children’s book series was now Berenstain Bears. Nelson Mandela was still alive and well. Odd stuff like that.

At first, I chalked it up to oddities in my memory. Maybe when my fever spiked, it had boiled my brain a bit and I was dealing with the after-effects of that. Maybe I just never paid attention to spelling or world leaders… But then, I noticed that other people’s memories were off as well.

My mother remembered things differently than I did. People I didn’t know would act like I should know them and some that I swore I knew didn’t seem to know me. Little things that make you begin to question your own sanity. I apologized to people and claimed I was just bad with names and faces. I rebuilt some memory by staying around friends almost constantly. Their collective memory could help me in times where holes appeared in my memories.

For years it felt like I had some sort of amnesia that had eaten holes in my life. Until I began to research the Multiverse Theory. An infinite number of parallel worlds, representing every possibility. While some would be wildly different, for example, there could be worlds where I could be I was a successful inventor or politician. Or worlds almost identical to the one we know… One where I didn’t die on the floor of the living room in Alaska.


Where does it stop?

So now here’s the question for all of you. Have you run across instances where your memory feels right but is proven wrong? Is there a moment in your life where everything changed subtly?  A moment where you suddenly has an allergy you never had? A moment where the world just felt wrong?