The New Year

Ah, the New Year. The wonderful time of year when we get to hear “I haven’t ________ all year” and thousands of “New Year, New Me” crap posts. I didn’t send you a newsletter on Friday because, well, I wanted to kick off the new year the right way. With madness and fun!

With that in mind, let’s get to our “resolutions.”

I resolve:

  • That I will be a bad influence on someone, only if it makes them more fun.
  • That I will curb the impulse to throw rocks at seagulls so long as they don’t start shit first.
  • That my readers will be treated to Stranger Journey before too long. (Hoping for a late Feb, early Mar release, stay tuned… UPDATE: Yeah, that's not happening yet. Sorry. Still working hard on it, though.)
  • That if I start a bad habit, I will stay the course. I’m no quitter.
  • That I will not get a gym membership that will not go used after February.
  • In 2018, I’d still like to drop a heavy rock on a sleeping sea otter. (I really want to see what happens. Do they fold around the rock and make a ba-loomp noise when they go under?)
  • This year I will take more pictures of weird crap.
  • That I will make my outside match my inside. (Not physically because that would suuuuuuck.)

And most importantly, I resolve to not let a stupid list stop me from living my best life.

2017 might have been a dumpster fire of year, but let’s see if we can kick 2018’s ass.

Happy New Year,