The Risen

Now, you might be wondering where I’ve been for the past two weeks. Or you might be wondering what type of drugs are in the filling of Cadbury Crème Eggs that make them both disgusting AND addictive.

Now I wish I could tell you that I accidentally stumbled across a nest of Harpies (commonly referred to as a discord) or that I got into another fist fight with some gopher that thinks he’s a meteorologist (And yes, every single time he lies, he’s gonna catch another fist to those giant front teeth). And unfortunately, this year, I did not have to go into hiding from the Knights Templar for “high crimes and blasphemy.” Nor was I tomb raiding, insider trading, or even hacky sacking.

I was dealing with the Ides of March in much the same way Caesar did, which is to say, not well. As many of you know, I suffer from depression and when that hits, it hits hard. All creative endeavors stop cold.

And now it’s April. A month known for… Zombies? So, while I could rant about Zombie Jesus, and believe me, I have (That's a classic Falcon rant there. 10 years old this year), I just feel like that’s low hanging fruit. And I know how Jesus feels about low hanging fruit. Yes, much like those signs proclaim, Jesus hates figs. (Matthew 21:19) OH SHIT! Did I just quote scripture? Now we’re all fucked. 😉

The question rattled around in my brain though. I could talk about the myriads of zombie prep plans I’ve made over the years, (including my letter of resignation from my retail job). But instead I thought I’d ask you.

What’s your zombie plan?

 Also, would you like to see more video content from me?